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The film was shot in Kolkata. The film is scheduled to be released on 7 September 2014. Plot The plot revolves around the character of Partha Ray (Ritwick Chakraborty) a heroin addicted young man. He lives a rat race in Calcutta with his girlfriend Sheela (Shweta Bhattacharya). One day he visits a friend of his father in Kolkata and meets his childhood friend Basabdatta Chatterjee (Basabdatta Chatterjee). They share stories of their youth. He tries to find a job and leaves for Kanpur. In Kanpur he meets Chanda Sahib (Ashok Banerjee), who is a retired police officer and lives with a handicapped girl who he cares for. He offers Partha the job of being a care giver to this girl named Madhu. Partha first sees the job of Madhu's care giver as something very far away from his life. He finally agrees to the job. Partha lives with Madhu and cares for her for six months. He spends his time cleaning and taking care of her. Once in a while he leaves the house to go to a nearby NGO where he works for a monthly salary. He tries to forget all the bad things that happened in his life. One day Partha comes to know that Madhu has died. He was unable to take care of her. He returns to Kolkata and meets his friend Basabdatta Chatterjee. They both meet a girl named Anuradha. She is the biological daughter of Chanda Sahib. The two of them start hanging out regularly. Now Chanda Sahib starts realizing that Partha is not a true care giver and his motives are wrong. Chanda Sahib plans to expose Partha to the world by publishing his image in a magazine in which Partha is trying to earn some money. Chanda Sahib reads the magazine and is shocked to see Partha's image. He approaches Partha and convinces him to return to Kolkata. Partha goes back home and faces a series of problems. Partha gets into a physical fight with his girlfriend who is angry at him for not giving her the money that he stole from her. Partha goes to Chanda Sahib and reveals the truth about his life. He talks about his problems with his girlfriend and tries to convince Chanda Sahib to take him to a




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